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about 2017's blood ep

wolfy, 25 years old, los angeles, nice to meet you.

i love writing songs, i love producing songs, i hate singing songs. i wrote and produced an ep last year, BLOOD, starring all of my rad friends. but that was 2017. we were younger, stupider, and had more light in our eyes.

this year brings the second installment, a new ep called INK. darker, moodier, less love to give. the middle child in the debut trilogy of wolfy eps.  

this is the last track called "abigail".

sounds like: elliott smith, phoebe bridgers, big thief.

about the song

Yeah, so I said I hate singing and it’s still true. But when I first laid the blueprints for these three EPs, I decided I would sing one song on each and it is a personality flaw of mine that I am very, very bad at changing plans. And as my own label executive, I wasn’t about to let my shitty, weak-brained artist decide they weren’t going to sing on a song they wrote because they “hate singing”. So I put my foot down. I said, “Hey, we signed you and gave you an advance of $8 and a Trader Joe’s microwaveable burrito. We expect a return on our investment so you get back in that studio and don’t come out until you need to go to your part-time job and then go back into the studio and finish that song”. And that’s how you run a label.     

This song is one of the only songs I’ve ever written that outlines a story. But fuck me if anyone even knows what that story is. Basically, it’s about a girl who gets murdered and thrown in a well. I’ve heard the lyrics are a little “vague”. But whatever, it’s not my fault you guys forgot everything from your junior-year English class. Ever heard of context clues? Damn.     


Also this song doesn’t have anything to do with my friends named Abby. You guys are cool. 

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