When I graduated from college I knew I wanted to be a songwriter and producer. This was back in the heady days of 2014 before Fifty Shades of Grey became a movie and Ed Sheeran wasn't considered a heartthrob. The future seemed bright. So I made a list of every song I wanted to write and every friend I wanted to include. Over the past three years I acquired and filled four notebooks with lyrics, to do lists, sketches, and a million bullet points. What started as one EP and five songs quickly became three EPs and 15 songs. The songs changed, the artists changed, the team changed. I didn't change although my clothes got a little better. And now it's 2017. The internet thinks Ed Sheeran is sexy and Taylor Swift is personally ruining my life. But it's ok because my first three EPs are done which means I'm officially a musician which means I'm cooler than most people and probably halfway to famous. I am very proud to present to you on August 15th, the first of the three EPs, BLOOD.





Madison Scheckel


all graphics by didi beck