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about 2017's blood ep

wolfy, 25 years old, los angeles, nice to meet you.

i love writing songs, i love producing songs, i hate singing songs. i wrote and produced an ep last year, BLOOD, starring all of my rad friends. but that was 2017. we were younger, stupider, and had more light in our eyes.

this year brings the second installment, a new ep called INK. darker, more electronic, less love to give. the middle child in the debut trilogy of wolfy eps.  

this is the first track called "loneliness and me" featuring jayme dee.

sounds like: brooding electronic indie pop. banks, sohn, lapsley.

about the song

Originally written for a loser who made music in a completely different genre, it took about eight months after writing to get this song in a listenable state. The goal with this one was to write something moody. Wow, fucking amazing, right? Well, if you didn’t know, music is the stupidest thing in the world and most of it starts for really stupid reasons.     

The only interesting thing I have to say about this song  is that it contains the title of my EP trilogy, Blood, Ink, Whatever. That idea came from an image I had randomly while watching some shitty college band in some shitty college venue and it has nothing to do with that band or their music other than the fact that I was there when I thought of it.          

That image is one of a writer, some Hemingway-like figure, typing furiously away, burning the midnight oil. And there’s ink everywhere from his typewriter or his fountain pen or whatever and when he climbs into bed and turns to embrace his wife, he gets ink all over her skin.     

If you were to extract meaning from that, I guess it would be that we can’t keep the people we love safe from our work. But if I’m being honest, it doesn’t mean anything at all.     

So anyways, I’m the first person in the world to write a moody song, now who to sing it? There were a few candidates, including myself, but I figured the song was cool and hip enough to warrant a really cool and hip vocalist. And there’s no one cooler or hipper than Jayme. When I sang on one of the earlier versions, my girlfriend was like, “Oh. Cool”. When Jayme came in to record the final vocals, my girlfriend was like, “Wow, it sounds like a real song”. I think that means it got better.

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